Peeping Tom roams in RR Nagar, targets women in bathrooms

Bengaluru: A RR Nagar resident has warned fellow residents to be watchful of a pervert, who likes to peep into bedrooms and bathrooms to look at women.

Recently, the unidentified man's act was caught by a CCTV camera. The woman posted the footage on social media, asking residents of BEML V Stage to be vigilant. According to her, the man has been doing it for the past several months.

The woman said the 'psycho" was visiting houses in BEML V Stage, near New Horizon Public School, to peep into "bedroom, washroom", especially to look at ladies. "We have found him in the houses from 11 pm till 2 am. We tried to catch him a couple of time and failed to as he is very well aware of all the roads and houses here," wrote the woman, adding that he had been doing this for "many months now".

"Here we are attaching few CCTV footages which would help you finding him anywhere around you. We will share few more CCTV footage as and when we get them. Please keep all your family members informed and help us finding him," said the woman.

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