Girls in shock after man spotted roaming naked in Maharani's College hostel

Bengaluru: Girls in Maharani's College hostel are having sleepless nights after an unidentified man was spotted roaming in the hostel premises wearing girl's underclothes and with a knife in hand. The entire episode, which occurred a month ago, was caught on CCTV and was subsequently submitted to the police, but the pervert is still at large.

According to the female students, this is the third such incident in the last six months.

On February 12, at 1 am, the pervert sneaked onto the hostel terrace by climbing up the Turf Club wall attached to the Maharani College Hostel. In the CCTV footage, he is initially seen roaming naked. Later, he is spotted wearing girls' underclothes and peeping into hostel rooms. When the girls scream on spotting him, the security guard gives chase but the man climbs up the wall and vanishes into darkness.

The whole incident has left the hostel inmates in deep shock.

The incident has raised question marks about the security at the hostel.
Despite the girls complaining about the pervert, the college took its own time to install the CCTVs. Now, they have got the proof and lodged complaint with the High Grounds police, no action has been initiated yet. It's more than a month since the police were handed over the CCTV images.

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