Trump's immigration order proving troublesome for Indian immigrants


Submitted by Kumuda on Tue, 2017-01-31 12:41 Washington DC: US President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration and refugees has led to wide widespread confusion across the country as authorities at the airports are struggling to adjust to the new directives and many immigrants including Indians are facing problems following the move. Mythili Sampathkumar, a freelance writer based in New York and currently an accredited member of the UN press corps, took to Twitter to express her feeling about the difficulty and problems faced by her father at Washington Dulles International Airport due to the immigration ban. In a series of tweets, she narrated her father's incident and also conveyed her opinion on President Trump's move that halted the entry of refugees into the US for 120 days and barred all citizens of seven predominantly Muslim nations from entering the country for three months. Mythili said that her father, who is a US citizen for 17 years, was strip searched last night at Washington Dulles International Airport. "He had TSA Precheck. It was a domestic flight. Was told the usual it's a random search. Now, there's no evidence this has to do," she said in a series of tweet. She said the ban, which was limited to only some, has clearly affected all people living in the country. Mythili said that her father didn't argue and did what he was told to do. Stating that her father wears a sacred thread as they are Hindu Brahmins, she said that this act had shaken him. "With the #MuslimBan, but it's clear it effects all us. He didn't argue and did what he was told. He wears a sacred thread (we're Brahmin). So you can imagine how this has shaken him. He's 68 and a U.S Citizen on a domestic flight. It's hard not to think it's all related," she tweeted. "Ban impacts all of us. I stand w/#NoBanNoWall bec I knew things like this would happen. We all look the same to the ignorant scared," she added. Mythili said that Transportation Security Administration is on edge, adding she does not know whether to completely blame them for this as everyone is watching their every action. "There has to be a better explanation than "it's a random search," some measure of exercising common sense," she said. Describing her father a short, balding, slight Indian guy who can barely lift a suitcase, Mythili painfully said it's obvious that on first site he's no threat. She further said that he had got pre-check on domestic flight, adding it did not appear to be a random search. "They came for Muslims *first* so we need to stand with them," she said. Mythili said that she shared this incident on Twitter as it is the reality which everyone is facing, adding she understood that TSA is doing a tough job and are trying to keep everyone safe. "But, innocent US citizens on domestic flights who 'look a certain way' can't be targets because then everyone is a target. Peace to all," she tweeted. Mythili said that this incident was primarily also for Indian-Americans who voted for Trump, adding she gets emotional about it as everyone knew this would happen. She said they still voted for him because they (Hindus mostly) thought, they we're not Muslims or Mexicans. "And many of you have been through this before. Our fathers, grandfathers worked in Her Majesty's Defence Ministry, while yearning for independence. My grandfathers did. One threw around "bloody British" as late as 2007. He was the ultimate 'Abu el binat" - 5 girls," she said. Mythili further said that her grandfather was a defence employee who resisted from inside while doing his job so that he could survive, adding "we can do it too." "A country under centuries of British rule got its independence and we come here and vote for more rule? It makes no sense," Mythili tweeted. "But it's done. And like he and his colleagues did, people will resist while doing their jobs; you'll see fighting with each other is useless," she said. Mythili reiterated that she is not demonizing TSA and she doesn't know what they were told from above their pay grade. She urged those in TSA to communicate better, exercise common sense and demand better guidance citing the Constitution. Mythili, who was born in India and raised in the United States, attended the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University. (ANI)