Bombings continue in Aleppo for 3rd day

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-11-17 16:15 Damascus: Bombings in Syria's Aleppo city continued for the third consecutive day on Thursday, according to a war-monitoring group. Dozens of people have been killed in the last two days after a three-week pause in the attacks came to an end, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) announced. The SOHR said that unidentified warplanes and government helicopters shelled areas in the neighborhoods of Masaken Hanano and al-Sakhur, Efe news reported. Only material damage has been reported, it said. Russia has denied involvement in the new attacks on Aleppo that, according to SOHR, have left 61 people killed since Tuesday, when the bombings resumed. At least 24 people died on Wednesday in artillery attacks in al-Shaar, Karam al-Baik, al-Sakhur, and 23 others were killed in bombings on Batbo town in the western countryside of Aleppo, the SOHR added. (IANS)