Rajya Sabha elections: Cong-BJP win hands down

Submitted by Kumuda on Sat, 2016-06-11 17:30 Bengaluru: Despite the allegations of cash-for-vote, as exposed in a sting operation, Congress and BJP in the state have won the Rajya Sabha elections easily. It was a cake walk for Congress candidates, Oscar Fernandes, Jairam Ramesh and K C Ramamurthy, while the lone BJP candidate, Union Minister of State for Commerce, Nirmala Sitaraman sailed through without much difficulty. Though the BJP candidate had fallen short of one vote, a last-ditch effort by the state’s party president BS Yeddyurappa paid dividends as two independent candidates supported the Union Minister’s candidature from the State.  However, it was the JD(S), which was hit badly. The party’s candidate BM Farooq succumbed to a humiliating defeat. The victory for Congress has come as a relief to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who is facing rebellion within his party. JD(S) State president H D Kumaraswamy’s effort to corner Siddaramaiah with the help of Congress dissidents has backfired him with the six JD(S) MLAs going against the party diktat. JD(s) MLAs, Cheluvarayaswamy, B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan, Iqbal Ansari, Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy, Gopalaiah, Balakrishna, Ramesh Bandi Siddanagowda and Bheema Naik openly defied the party’s election agent HD Revanna’s orders. At the polling booth, they voted by displaying their ballot papers to Revanna, regarding whom they voted for. Revanna could not do much other than handing them a show-cause notice, which they accepted without hesitation. On Friday, during the election to Legislative Council, JD(S) could rally to get one candidate Narayanaswamy elected. Their second candidate Dr SM Venkatapathi lost badly as five of the MLAs, Zameer Ahmed Khan, Iqbal Ansari, Akhand Srinivasa Murthy, Cheluvarayaswamy and Balakrishna went against the party decision by resorting to cross voting while the BJP’s second candidate Lehar Singh could gain 14 votes more.