Unlock the hidden `Sherlock' in you at Mystery Rooms

Unlock the hidden `Sherlock

Submitted by alvin on Wed, 2016-06-29 19:45 New Delhi: Did you always want to solve a murder mystery after getting inspired from Sherlock Holmes or always wanted to defuse a bomb similar to a high adrenaline action scene. Well, if you are not that lucky to experience it in a real life, you can always head to Mystery Rooms, which is a unique " Room Escape" game based in Delhi/NCR. A unit of Kickass adventures, the real-life game zone will allow you to solve puzzle, find hidden clue and escape. Mystery Rooms is a challenging race against the clock where the sole motive is to get yourself out of a mysterious room before time kicks you. Imagine being locked in a thrill space with your team and you have exact 60 minutes to use logic, solve puzzle, find hint, and prove the power of team work to pave your path to freedom. Mystery rooms offers interesting games like, The Hurt Locker: A bomb defuse challenge, Lock Out: A prison break challenge, Abduction: A final horror and Cabin in the wood: The murder mystery to test your mental and physical abilities. Speaking on the concept, Sapna Bhutani, co-founder, Mystery Rooms said, "We are happy to bring this unique gaming concept to India. The whole idea was based on desire to bring something refreshing in the monotonous city life and was an instant hit. With wonderful feedback and appreciating reviews everywhere, it soon became No.1 attraction in Delhi on Tripadvisor." The experience is very unique and thrilling, but not at all dangerous and it does not contain any horror element. It requires no physical exertion and is suitable for ages 10-77. It is an exciting team-building activity for corporate and a fulfilling fun experience for couples, friends and families. According to Sapna, customer-focused mentality is, gaming is restricted to the virtual world, but Mystery Rooms has gone many steps ahead by bringing "Real Life Escape Game" wherein the gamers can physically experience thrill and entertainment as it involves lot of thinking process and action. Mystery Rooms will further expand its presence all over India with diversified adventure games. One can head to Rajouri Garden Outlet with four missions and another 3 challenging mission with a dedicated area for team building games at outlet located in Gurgaon. Mystery Rooms started in September 2014 when its founders came together with an idea to start this unique concept in the capital. The whole idea was based on the desire to bring something refreshing in the monotonous city life and was an instant hit. Mystery Rooms also has its center in Kolkata and recently launched one centre in the city beautiful, Chandigarh. (ANI)