Of 'son politics' in Karnataka: Bless my son, Siddu tells his constituency


Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-10-06 19:51 Mysuru: When Chief Minister Siddaramaiah appealed to the people of Mellahalli to “bless his son Dr Yatindra" and support him, it became evident that Yatindra will follow in his father’s footsteps. After the demise of his elder son, Rakesh, Siddaramaiah has been making attempts to usher his younger son, Yatindra, into politics.  At a programme to inaugurate various developmental works in Mellahalli, Varuna constituency, on Thursday, Siddaramaiah thanked the people of his constituency for their support and love.  He also urged them to extend the same level of co-operation to Yatindra. “I would not be able to present all the time in the constituency. On my behalf, Dr Yatindra will take care of the constituency,” said Siddaramaiah, officially introducing Yatindra as his successor. The CM said that Yatindra would fill the vacuum created by his son Rakesh, who was emerging as Siddaramaiah’s successor.  Rakesh had been quite active in the constituency. He had been receiving representations from the public, addressing various complaints and other issues.