'Lotus blossoms in Kerala with UDF fertiliser'

Submitted by alvin on Fri, 2016-05-20 12:39 The NDA candidate  O Rajagopal won the Nemam assembly constituency in Kerala bringing the first ever win by BJP in the State. No win by a political party in an assembly constituency would be discussed with such fervour than this win since it assumes utmost importance in political circles of the State and the Centre.  Perhaps, the landslide victory by LDF was, in fact, overshadowed due to the election of Rajagopal. There may be many factors leading to this win by NDA, but the prominent amongst it is the UDF apathy shown to the BJP candidate right from the word go. The UDF failed to field a strong candidate against Rajagopal  in spite of the data available there necessitated to do so. The LDF had fielded one of its marshals there, however, the voting pattern shows that Rajagopal had the silent blessings of UDF voters in his favour. The Congress and the UDF partners again soft peddled with such an important issue and fuelled the win by NDA in Kerala for the first time. The LDF though put up a valiant fight against the fascist forces gaining a foothold in Kerala politics was deceived by the UDF without fortifying its vote share.  This attitude of the UDF is reminiscent of the collusive support given by the Congress to NDA in Ayodhya issue which opened the floodgates of communal polarisation in India and the consequent gaining power in the Centre by the fascist forces. The fodder provided by UDF in the BJP win will go down in the history of Kerala as a dangerous trend and minority communities will have to pay a heavy price for it unless the political equations undergo a drastic change in the circumstances. The LDF win to form a government is the only silver lining in the imminent ensuing darkness of communal politicising of Kerala. Let's hope for the best and for the BEST HOPE.   By: P Usman, Advocate  (Disclaimer: Views expressed here are solely of writer's)