I'm victim of both the system and corrupt politics says former DySP Anupama Shenoy


Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-06-30 19:59 Bengaluru: Anupama Shenoy, former Deputy Superintendent of Police of Kudligi sub-division in Karnataka's Ballari district, on Thursday said she was a victim of both the system and corrupt politics.Shenoy, who had written to the Karnataka State Commission for Women accusing a senior official of 'harassment' on duty, said, "I am a victim of both the system and corrupt politics."She has accused Ballari Superintendent of Police R Chetan of harassing her because of political pressure.In a letter dated June 4, addressed to the chairperson of the Karnataka State Commission for Women, Shenoy directly accused Chetan of harassing her while she was discharging her duties as Deputy Superintendent of Police.Speaking to media, she said she was just trying to put forward her grievances."If at all I get justice, it would be great," she said."The entire society, and the system, is male dominated. The system is acting to the tune of male ideas. Through this, I am hoping that the system may find some way so that any lady officer, if they are having any grievances, can find a solution," she added.She also said that she decided to resign and carry this fight forward to express her views."At least I have mental peace. Job did not provide me any mental peace," she said.Manjula Mansa, Karnataka Women's Commission chief, said that they have received all the copies."After preliminary enquiry, we have adjourned the case till July 16. 14 percent of individual statement is necessary, after that we will summon R Chetan," she said.In her seven page letter to the commission, Shenoy also accused Chetan of causing 'mental torture' by issuing memos to her for 'silly reasons' on returning to Kudligi after her OOD (On Official Duty) was cancelled by the government, following public pressure.She had tendered her resignation as the DSP on June 4 as, which was accepted by the state government. (ANI)