She got him beedi but he threw burning matchstick on her, kills her

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2017-02-16 19:24 Bengaluru: The Bannerghatta Police have arrested a man and slapped murder charges on him for causing the death of a 4-year-old girl who tragically died in a bizarre fashion. According to the police, the girl, Vandana Kumar, who was attending a government babysitting 'anganawadi', succumbed to her burn injuries at Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru on Wednesday evening.Police said that they have registered a case of attempt to murder based on the complaint lodged by her mother Devi Kumar, a housemaid, initially and later converted it into murder case on Tuesday. Police said the incident happened four days ago when the accused, Suresh Kumar, a housekeeping employee at a private school in Banneraghatta, tossed aside a matchstick after lighting his beedi. The matchstick reportedly fell on the girl's dress, which caught fire.Police said that Vandana used to stay at Suresh's house until her mother arrived from her job. On Feb 10, she came to Suresh's home as usual and he sent her to nearby shop to purchase beedi and a matchbox for him. As she was playing in the balcony, Suresh lit his beedi and threw the burning matchstick outside the house, but it allegedly fell on the girl's dress, which caught fire. As the girl rushed into the house, Suresh took Vandana into the bathroom, removed her clothes and rushed her to a private hospital. Later, he informed about the matter to Devi. Vandana was later shifted Victoria Hospital for further treatment. She reportedly told the police that Suresh was responsible for her dress catching fire. Based on her statement, Devi filed a complaint against Suresh.“We are going to probe whether it was intentional or not. The burnt dress of the baby was recovered and would send to FSL," said a police official.