Agni Shreedhar takes a dig at media for showing him in a bad light

“There was no need for the police to obtain search warrant to raid my house. I was just a phone call away”

Bengaluru: Reformed gangster Agni Shreedhar criticised the media, especially television news channels for showing him in poor light when the police raided his house, last week, looking for two rowdy sheeters

Speaking to mediapersons at his residence, Shreedhar observed that if the media had called him ‘rowdy sheeter’ he would not have felt bad as he is still being listed as ‘rowdy sheeter’. “But instead, the media projected me that I’m a rowdy sheeter in the guise of a social activist. This hurts,” he said. He further claimed that he has left his past and had not been involved in criminal activities for the past 20 years. “I have tried to find a meaningful life and have been fighting for various social caues through my organisation, ‘Karunada Sene’. Yet, the media has been ignorant of good works,” he said.

When asked whether he was in touch with rowdies Onte Rohit and Silent Sunila – whom the police had come in search at Shreedhar’s residence – Shreedhar said he knew the duo very well. “Both of them are members of ‘Karunada Sene’. I know their bloody past, but I’m trying to bring them to the main stream. It was not easy for them too but they want to change for better. But if the police accusations are true, I would never see their faces again,” he said.

On police’s raiding his house, Shridhar was of the opinion that the police could have called him as he was just a phone call away instead of obtaining a search order from the court. “What was the necessity? The police have the power to raid any house if they have credible information. I would have not even asked them to produce a search warrant, as I know the gravity of a shootout case,” he added.

He denied reports that the police behaved rudely with him. However, he admitted that a police officer slapped him when he raised his voice. “It’s not true that I collapsed after I was slapped. The police officers were considerate towards me. After knowing my health condition, they rushed me to the hospital,” said Shreedhar. 



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