Superstition at play? Dead panther's head and feet go missing

Superstition at play? Dead panther

Submitted by alvin on Sat, 2016-11-26 11:58 Bengaluru: It cannot get more inhuman than this. A rare black panther which was run over by a vehicle has lost its head and feet to superstitious souls. The incident occurred in Ankola near hireguthi territorial range on Friday. While the animal lovers have been demanding stringent measures to curtail increasing roadkills inside and outside the protected areas, this incident has outraged them. The forest department officials said that the animal was over-run by a speeding vehicle outside the forest and was injured badly. They suspect that the animal writhing in pain could have crawled back to the forest. But was left to fend for itself with no water or food for several days, it is said. When the officials discovered it, the head and paws of the animal were found to be severed and were missing too. A complaint has been registered over mutilation of the carcass. A post-mortem has been conducted and the samples have been sent to laboratory. Big cat’s nails are worn as an ornament in a belief to ward off evil and to infuse fearlessness. The head is treasured as a trophy and fetches a high value in the illegal wildlife trade market. The region has highest number of melanistic leopards.