Now, 286 trees to be axed for the Ejipura flyover project

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-11-17 12:43 Bengaluru: Here’s another shocker for Bengalureans who have been protesting against the Rs 1791 crore Steel Flyover project. As many as 286 trees – apart from 812 trees that will be felled for the steel flyover – will be axed for the upcoming Ejipura flyover project. The project is aimed at easing the traffic congestion at the Sony World Junction near Koramangala and BBMP engineers are working towards it, it is learnt.  As many as 286 trees will make way for the project which is estimated to be worth Rs 204 crore. According to sources in BBMP, Bengaluru Development Minister KJ George has directed BBMP officials to speed up the work to ease traffic congestion near Sony World junction, Ejipura and surrounding areas.