Guess what? Most of undertrials in states are not Muslims, but from general category

Submitted by alvin on Tue, 2016-11-08 19:01 Bengaluru: Contrary to popular perception that crime rates are high among a particular minority community, data released by Prison Statistics India 2015 speak otherwise. Most of the prisoners in the state prisons are Hindus and belong to non-SC/ST and OBC communities. According to the data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau till – the end of 2015 – there were as many as 9,314 undertrials in the state prisons. Of them 7,647 are Hindus and less than 10 per cent are from Muslim community (1,333). Other prisoners belonged to Christian (308), Sikh (6) and other (30) and communities. The report also states that most of the undertrial prisoners are from non-OBC, SC/ST communities. As many as 7,341 undertrials are from general category while SC (933), ST (696) and OBC (344) are in the state prisons.  The report also points out the fact that majority of these undertrials have studied only up to class X. However, as many as 182 undertrials, who are graduates in technical courses, are also behind bars. While the majority of them (4,246) are facing trials for murder charges, at least 285 are facing rape charges. Shockingly, 52 per cent of undertrials fall under the age group of 18-30 years! Demographic feature of under trail prisoners Hindu: 7,647; Muslim: 1,333; Sikh: 6; Christian: 308 and Others: 20 SC: 933ST: 696OBC: 344Others: 7,341 Education levelIlliterate: 3,038Below class X: 4,624Between Std X and graduation: 975Graduation: 323Post Graduation: 172Technical degree: 182Total:  9,314 Capacity of inmates 14,046Actual prisoners: 1,3,473Occupancy rate: 95.9�ccupancy rate in 2014:  106.3��Available capacity (women)Capacity: 1,196Actual prisoners: 539 Age group of under trail prisoners18-30 years:  52.7 �0 -50 years: 43.3 �bove 50 years: 4.0��Offences under which undertrial prisons are chargedMurder: 4,246Attempt to murder: 1,162Rape: 285Kidnapping: 78Dowry deaths: 101