'Namaste' Narayan Bhat passes away

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 2016-07-10 23:33 Bengaluru: Veteran businessman and leather garment exporter Khandige Narayan Bhat passed away on Sunday at his farm house in Kumbalagod. He was 83. Narayan Bhat is survived by his wife Madhura Bhat and three children. Eldest son Vikas Bhat studied chartered accountancy and is a sportsman, Vishal Bhat is into rally racing, while the youngest son studied engineering and is a tennis player.   Narayan Bhat  Narayan Bhat with his wife Madhura Bhat  Phalada Agro Research Foundation Chairman CMN Shastry with Narayan Bhat couple A pioneer in leather garment exports, Narayan Bhat was the top leather garment exporter in India for nearly a decade. Popularly known as "Namaste Bhat" and "yajamanru ", Narayan Bhat came from a family of agriculturists based in Kasargod. He studied law but was driven by a desire to do something new and unique, which made him number-one leather garments' exporter in the country for a decade. In 70's his wife Madhura Bhat who started producing leather bags at her car garage catering to some tourists and foriegn officials, from where Narayan Bhat picked up the idea and go into the learther garments industry. Narayan Bhat revolutionised the export of leather garments. His way of doing leather garment business was copied by many. He also changed the lives of several youth by providing them with valuable training. Many who trained under him have made it big in the world of finance and business.