Mistaken for cattle thieves, 4 Bengaluru students thrashed by villagers

Submitted by alvin on Mon, 2016-07-04 15:08 Bengaluru: A trekking trip to Savanadurga turned a nightmare for four students of the city, after villagers caught them mistaking them as cattle thieves and bashed them up after tying them to a pole on the outskirts of Ramanagara on Sunday. Residents of Katukarapalya, who were chasing a couple of cattle thieves, found Amruth, Raghu, Srikanth Vedamurthy and Krishna sleeping in an SUV on the outskirt of the village. Before the four youth realised what went wrong, they villagers surrounded their SUV, dragged them out of the vehicle and into the village. The youths were tied to a pole and thrashed badly. The youngsters tried to clarify that they are trekkers, but the furious villagers were in no mood to listen . Soon, hundreds of villagers gathered and bashed the youths throughout the night till police reached the spot on Monday morning and took the youth into custody for questioning. The residents claimed that incidents of cattle theft from the village were increasing. Thieves entered the village, latched the houses from outside and  took away sheep and cattle. On Sunday night, two thieves who had rode a bike, tried to steal a sheep but alert villagers woke up and gave chase. The thieves managed to escape. The villagers found the four sleeping in the parked car outside the village and caught them, suspecting them of being  as part of the cattle-stealing gang, a police officer said. Krishna, said he was a student of Mahaveer Jain College in the city, they had gone on a trek and were returning to city. Since it was late in the night and they were exhausted they decided to stop the car for a while to rest. And when they woke up, they discovered what terror was.