Manipal cops set to receive a punch for giving Rajeshwari kid gloves treatment

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-08-25 17:24 Udupi: Do the detainees in any case, when they are in police custody, are allowed to go to their home to change clothes? For reasons that are difficult to comprehend, the Manipali police were so kind toward toward Rajeshwari, who is facing charges of killing her husband Bhaskar Shetty, that she was taken to her house in Indrali in Udupi by the police for four days running after her arrest, just to allow her to change her clothes. This was happened before the case was taken away from the Manipal police and transferred to Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Sources said that every day for days, the Manipal police allowed her ride in a police jeep to her house at Indrali where she was allowed to change clothes! Those in police custody are allowed to freshen up and change clothes, a police officer said. But Manipal police seem to have set a new record in unusual courtesy, in allowing Rajeshwari to take a ride home in a police jeep, just so she could change clothes. That too for four days running. Sometimes, people who are detained for questioning may be allowed to go to their homes. But once arrested, nobody is given freedom to go wherever they want, the police officer said. The CID sleuths will question the Manipal police and also the former Inspector S V Girish about their kid gloves treatment of Rajeshwari. They will be questioned on the police inspector allowing Rajeshwari to sit in front seat that is reserved for the Inspector, and allowing Rajeshwari Shetty, son Navaneeth Shetty and others to take rest at a hotel near Nitte, where a room was reserved for them. Sources said the CID police would also interrogate the accused about the meeting held in a remote place along with Rajeshwari Shetty, Navaneeth Shetty, priest Niranjan Bhat and other 'VIPs’. Police will collect information on who were the participants at the meeting. Police sources say a police officer and an astrologer, along with the priest Niranjan Bhat Asranna, were present at the meeting