'Bhaskar Shetty murder plotters included a police officer'

Submitted by alvin on Tue, 2016-08-23 15:27 Udupi: Fresh findings in the police investigation of the Bhaskar Shetty murder indicated the presence some unidentified hands behind the murder, as well as the involvement of a police officer. Sources say the murder seems to have been planned at a remote place by a group of people that included a police officer, tantrik Niranjan Bhat, Bhaskar Shetty’s wife Rajeshwari and some 'VIPs'. The conspirators decided that Bhaskar Shetty should be killed as he had asked Rajeshwari for a divorce. The industrialist is said to have offered Rajeshwari some money and part of her assets. She allegedly demanded more, Bhaskar Shetty did not budge. That proved to be his undoing. "Bhaskar Shetty was suspecting her fidelity. He used to visit his house only for bathing. In recently days, he never had breakfast or dinner at his home as he was frustrated with his family," a police officer said. "After Bhaskar Shetty spoke about the GPA (General Power of Attorney) and other things related to his assets, Rajeshwari allegedly consulted Niranjan Bhat and others. Accordingly, there must have been some plan for the murder," the officer suspected. "There were clashes between Shetty and his wife and son regularly. It went up to the Udupi town police station, where all of them gave written statements before the police that they would not quarrel again. But the family fights never ended," he added. Now, the investigators are looking at the role of the police officer, who allegedly joined hands with the suspects. The investigators are trying to find if the police officer has has any connections with Rajeshwari. The police will also investigate the role of Police officer who allegedly influenced the Manipal police to delay the investigation after Bhaskar Shetty’s mother Gulabi lodged complaint about her son missing.