Kerala's women basketball players test strength in Manipal varsity


Submitted by alvin on Fri, 2016-07-08 17:51 Manipal: Seven of the ten players of the Kerala State Electricity Board's (KSEB) women’s basketball team are in Manipal for three days undergoing scientific tests to prevent injury and improve performance, at the new sports science medicine lab at Marena, the indoor sports complex of Manipal University. Dr Fiddy Davis J, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Exercise and Sports Science at School of Allied Health Sciences said: “This is the first assignment of the department where national and state-level players are using the facility to assess endurance, speed, strength and other parameters of sportspersons."    The team based in Thiruvananthapuram has three players; Stephy Nixon, Jeena and Anjana who are playing for the country. The others are in the state team. KSEB has won four major all India tournaments this year and were runners-up in two tourneys. Dr Fiddy said that a series of tests were done to assess the baseline status of the players. “The department will then plan a six-month training schedule for the team,” he said and added, “The department was set up in August 2014, while the lab was set up recently. We plan to expand the facilities and make it one of the best centres for sports science in the country.” Coach Aju Jacob lauded the facilities at the centre. He noted that he came to know about the centre at a tournament and hence decided to bring his players. “I feel the players can improve their performance following the assessments," Aju added. On the first day, the players were evaluated for medical contraindications and existing musculoskeletal injuries. Following this, speed and agility specific to the sport was tested. After a break, the players were tested for strength at the gymnasium in Marena. After maximal strength measurement which is a prerequisite for resistance training the players were taken to the human performance lab. Also, they were tested for aerobic capacity. Baskaran Chandrasekaran, a faculty at the centre and an American College of Sports Medicine certified Exercise Physiologist, made the players exercise on a specialised bike with increasing intensities. This exercise would help basketball players recover from repeated bouts of anaerobic activities. The players were further made to perform activities like jumping, landing and cutting to assess injury risk. These activities would be assessed by a biomechanist. The results of which would help in predicting injury risk in future, as the data gathered would be used to design strategies to prevent injuries.