Stray dog struts in style after Mysusu Vet gives him 'cart' for legs

Stray dog struts in style after Mysusu Vet gives him

Submitted by alvin on Mon, 2016-06-20 10:39 Bengaluru: A stray dog, which lost sensation in both its hind legs in a road accident, is back on its feet but in style after a veterinary doctor fixed a light weight cart to it to give it a new lease of life. The three-year-old male dog, Tommy, is now roaming freely with the help of the cart. The cart is dismantled whenever the dog is tired and needs rest. Dr. Madan Kompal, who fixed the cart, said it is his own invention and can be easily fixed and dismantled just by tightening or loosening a clip. The height, width and length of the cart can be adjusted as per the dog's convenience. "The dog had suffered wounds besides getting its spinal cord compressed in the accident," he added. The owner of the dog said, "He met with an accident on March 28, I got the information regarding this from the people around. He was not able to stand then I took his to the hospital, after the X-ray I came to know that he had undergone a spine fracture. After few months he will undergo operation, after which he will able to stand on his own. He is like my brother, my family takes good care of him." The 10-inch wheels of the cart with ball-bearing, makes sure that the dog's plastered hind legs do not touch the ground and the he is not stuck in potholes. (ANI)