Demonetisation: Let's forget party affiliations and applaud Modi's bold move

Demonetisation: Lets forget party affiliations and applaud Modis bold move

Submitted by alvin on Sat, 2016-11-12 12:29 After the demonetisation of Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes, bhakts had a reason to cheer, while anti-Modi crusaders are finding faults in every step he takes. But my question is, whether I have to see this decision as a Congressman, leftist, rightist or as an Indian who wants to see corruption declining? This is where we have to stand apart. We have hundreds of reasons to hate Narendra Modi. With his Hindu nationalist policy, he has been a debatable figure for secularists. But that does not mean we should find fault in every decisions he takes. The way ministers were kept in the dark about demonetisation until the last moment is something worth appreciating. We have hardly seen such a bold step by any politician. Meanwhile, it is illogical to conclude that demonetising would bring drastic change in the country. The country has seen such steps earlier also. When Rs1,000, Rs5,000 and Rs10,000 notes were scrapped by then Janata government, nothing happened. They too had the intention to curb corruption and black money. But did it happen? Therefore, time will tell how effective demonetising will be. Until then, we have wait patiently. But it is a step towards a new India, where we can hope for change. That’s where I strongly feel we have to think like Indians, not as a blind bhakts, Congressman or leftist. By the way, don’t we too have the responsibility towards fighting evils? If so, then how can we criticise just because Modi took this decision? Let’s keep Modi out and see this decision as a step towards bringing change in the country. Let us hope that Modi continues with the crackdown and is able to bring black money hoarders to book. Otherwise, it will be 1978 all over gain.  A section of people are complaining about the inconvenience caused at ATMs and banks. But imagine the heartbreak of those who lost crores of money within a few hours. We dream of India where there is no corruption. We dream of India where there is no black money. Is it too much for us to bear inconvenience for a few days for the sake of our country? Shall we forget our party affiliations at least for this reason? It is true that Modi failed in many fronts. He did not live up to the expectations of people in many issues in last two years, especially in bringing back black money from Swiss banks. And minorities and Dalits see his administration suspiciously. That does not mean demonetisation should also be opposed. If any leader shows willingness to bring changes, what’s wrong in extending our support to him? Does it mean I am also a blind bhakt? Or do I have the right to stay away from all ideologies and affiliations and think as an Indian who wants to see a corruption-free India? And finally, let’s oppose Modi where we should and let’s support his good decisions. Let’s not be blind bhakts, or staunch Congressmen or leftists. Let all parties get a clear message that people support good decisions. Let good things happen. Author: Melvin Mendonca is a journalist in Bahrain. The views expressed are personal.