When teaching humanity becomes a 'child's play'

When teaching humanity becomes a

Submitted by alvin on Wed, 2016-06-22 18:39 New Delhi: Have you ever wondered what would it be like to 'not' curse the traffic policemen and actually witness what they are going through? A 3-year-old teaches you to do the same in HawaBadlo's latest video. It is based on a true story of Samreen from New Delhi, who offered Head constable, Satpal Singh, a mask as she was concerned about his health and wanted to give him something to protect him from the dirt and pollution. The three-year-old girl became the epitome of kindness and humanity by seeing through what a traffic policeman might go through, standing strong on the roads in all weathersand against every hurdle that comes his way, be it heat or pollution for the safety of fellow citizens. HawaBadlo, an independent people's movement and supported by GAIL (India) Limited, has always been setting trends with their innovative ideas. Using social media platforms to catch people's eye and make them do their bit for their society. The movement aims at spreading awareness and motivating people to commit towards air friendly habits at a micro level which collectively yields measurable effect to Air Quality Index at a macro level. After looking upto Samreen, HawaBadlo launched a video, in which the real story of the three-year-old concerning over something which never really had crossed anyone else's mind has been enacted for it to reach the people across the nation and deliver the beautiful message of caring for something for the unsung heroes of the nation. #GiftAMask is an initiative driven under the same thought. Team Hawa Badlo will gift masks to Traffic Police as a token of gratitude each time someone tweets with the hashtag : #GiftAMask. The video has been trending all over with over 225K views and is continuing to win hearts with the increasing number of views every day. The movement has gained a lot of support from the people and hundreds of twitter users have already tweeted in support of the campaign. So what are you waiting for? Tweet with the #GiftAMask and do your bit for the society like Samreen did. Where on one hand, the campaign is trending and gifting masks of love and care to the traffic policemen on behalf of the people, the main concern still remains to change the Air. #GiftAMask, #Changetheair, #HawaBadlo and #RaavanKoRoko are just a few preventions but the cure still is changing the air and making it breathable. (ANI)