Wipro to develop patient index tool for Scottish healthcare

Bengaluru: Software major Wipro on Thursday announced winning a 12-year contract to develop enterprise master patient index tool for the National Healthcare System (NHS) in Scotland.

As the region's national health board, NHS works to reduce inequalities and improve health conditions. 

"Our solution will help NHS transition from legacy Community Health Index system to offer cost-effective, efficient, paperless and patient-friendly healthcare services in Scotland," the IT firm said in a statement.

The outsourcing firm will leverage NextGate's platform MatchMetrix to enable the patient index solution link and manage data from patients, partners and third-party vendors.

The US-based healthcare identity management firm, (NextGate) helps healthcare organisations improve data quality and reduced errors.

The software product will integrate with other NHS legacy systems. It has the ability to compare patient records from disparate applications and link multiple patient records for cross-platform validation of data.

"Our tool increases efficiency by reducing time spent on searching for patient information, freeing up resources to focus on providing safe treatment," said Wipro Global Head for Healthcare, Life Sciences & Services Jeffery Heenan Jalil.

In line with NHS' requirements, Wipro will also build a scalable solution to enable healthcare providers in Scotland maintain patient identifiers.

"The modernisation of our CHI system using technology of Wipro and NextGate will help us deliver the best healthcare to the people of Scotland," said NHS IT Director Andy Robertson.

As a strategic technology enabler, Wipro offers ways to improve patient outcomes, expand access and enhance patient experience.

"We are investing in building next-generation data management technologies to deliver connected and seamless healthcare," added Jalil.



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