Stray dogs maul 14 children, three of them serious

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-06-02 14:23 Kolar: A pack of stray dogs attacked at least fourteen children who were playing in front of their homes at Shahenshah Nagar on Wednesday. Severely injured victims Kulsum (5), Shakina (4) and Tasleem (5) have been rushed to hospital and are being treated at RL Jalappa Hospital. Other eleven children have been admitted to SNR District Hospital. According to a few eyewitnesses, the children were in their own world when the dogs – three of them said to be rabid – attacked them. A few passersby pelted stones and threw sticks to chase the dogs away. When it didn’t help, the irked crowd bludgeoned the dogs to death, it is said. The residents of Shahenshah Nagar blamed meat shops and abattoirs for the growing number of stray dogs. “They throw waste from these shops on to the road and the dogs thrive on this,” they said. Earlier, there are instances of dogs attacking a few riders and passersby on the stretch. Numerous complaints on dog attacks and the reckless disposal of waste on the streets were made to the authorities concerned but they have gone unheard, said the local residents. Kolar Deputy Commissioner KV Thrilok Chandra said he had directed all municipalities in the district to carry out animal birth control.