Sarees - the new saviours of Raichur's pomegranate growers

Sarees - the new saviours of Raichur

Submitted by alvin on Sat, 2017-02-18 16:14 Raichur: Sarees, especially old ones, are in demand these days in Raichur. The new saviours of pomegranate growers, sarees are coming in handy for farmers to safeguard their precious produce from birds, monkeys. They also protect the plant from the sun and come in handy in controlling pests. Pomegranates are grown in at least 50 acres in Raichur. According to a report aired by Public TV, over the years, farmers have suffered losses due to monkey menace and bird attack. Not to speak of various diseases that affect the yield.    Tired of erecting fences and spraying pesticide, farmers have gone back to the basics - covering the plants with sarees.  Growers use three to four sarees to cover the plant. Since, sarees prevent the plant from getting affected with disease, expenses on pesticide has also come down, say growers. But since the farmers can't afford to buy more sarees, they want the agriculture department to come to their rescue.