Manipal Hospitals launch #GiftHimYourTime to commemorate Father's Day

Manipal Hospitals launch #GiftHimYourTime to commemorate Father

Submitted by alvin on Fri, 2016-06-17 19:44 Bengaluru: A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society. Father's Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. This June 19, Manipal Hospitals are celebrating fatherhood and male parenting, keeping which in mind they are running a Twitter campaign named #GiftHimYourTime on @ManipalHealth, asking the audience to tweet to them how they plan to gift their time to their fathers this Fathers Day. Being a father can be a tough task with having to juggle the responsibilities at work and home. Often their contribution to our lives go unnoticed which is why Manipal Hospitals took a step this Father's Day to tell people to #GiftHimYourTime, as it is important to let them know that they're loved and valued. This June 19th, Manipal Hospitals's campaign #GiftHimYourTime tries to bring out this emotion amongst its audience and suggest everyone to gift their father their time. Father's are our pillars of strength, our greatest advisors, our guiding light and they never ask for anything in return. Although they never ask, what they value most is the 'time' they get to spend with their children. As children grow older and become entrenched in the many responsibilities of adulthood they forget to check on their parents. They miss anniversaries, birthdays and other important days in their parents' lives in their struggle to hit personal career benchmarks. They also miss out on spending time with their loved ones in their pursuit to find a meaningful relationship just like their parents. Modern society brings with it its own pitfalls and trappings when it comes to doing so. Often times they get caught up in this search and end up ignoring their loved ones at home. Manipal Hospitals's #GiftHimYourTime campaign suggests that everyone should break out of these patterns this Father's Day and make an extra effort to help their fathers realize how valued he is. They can spend the day with him catching up, ask him how he's doing, discuss his favourite topics and tell him all about what's new in their life. If they know of anything that he's always wanted to do but has been putting of all his life, they could get him to do it. If they don't know of any, they could ask him themselves and find out. It could be anything from a vacation he has wanted to take to a golf club he's always wanted to buy. As their father gets older his health is likely to deteriorate. They can help him fight the effects of old age by being vigilant about his health. They could accompany him for his hospital visits and make sure he takes his medication on time. Their interest in his health will not only make him happy but keep him healthy as well. The role of a father is most important when it comes to shaping the destiny of his children. They must take a good look at their lives and understand how vital their father's contributions have been to the people they have become. So this Father's day, the participants will be encouraged by Manipal's #GiftHimYourTime campaign to share their thoughts on how they would plan on making their father feel special by gifting him their time. The best ones to answer on Manipal hospitals blog will have a chance to win gift vouchers too! So, be it sharing old memories and dreams about the future or a day spent golfing or fishing, the participants could make sure that their dad knows that he is their greatest hero. (ANI-Newsvoir)