'Cleanest City' Mysuru catches fever

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-06-09 20:27 Bengaluru: Mysuru city, which was recently named the 'Cleanest City' in the country, has now earned the dubious distinction of having the most number of dengue cases in the state this year with 131 confirmed cases while Chitradurga has reported the most number of chikungunya cases. Painting a bleak picture, Health and Family Welfare Minister UT Khader said that Malnad and coastal regions were in the grip of malaria and chikungunya, while dengue was being reported from every corner of the state. A total of 834 dengue cases have been detected so far this year while 304 cases of chikungunya have been reported, said the minister, adding that “in May alone, there had been 349 cases of dengue and 304 cases of chikungunya cases respectively”. In 2015, until December, 38,196 cases of dengue were reported, of which 5077 cases were confirmed. With regard to chikungunya, 20,763 cases were reported of which 2099 were confirmed, he said. The minister advised people to rush to the nearest health centres if fever and body pain persists for more than three days. “Since there are no facilities to test and detect dengue and chikungunya cases, medical and paramedical staff in rural areas have been instructed to send blood samples to the district  laboratories immediately so that treatment can begin by obtaining reports within 48 hours,” he said. Stating that he was aware of how private hospitals had fleeced patients last year, he said the government had taken every possible step to prevent such incidents this year. “This time we have capped the fees for blood test and the treatment is free in government hospitals,” he said. “In case if any patient feels that he is not being treated properly, he can call on 94498-43150 and lodge a complaint,’ he added. Khader also said that preventive measures were being taken to check the spread of dengue and chikungunya. “Awareness programme has been intensified. A programme to clean up has been planned between June 15- 20, wherein government offices, schools, colleges, bus stands and other public places will be cleaned with help of several organisations, public volunteers and students,” he said.