Students offer roses to passers-by as part of unique campaign

Submitted by Rashmi on Fri, 2017-03-03 11:08 Bengaluru: Passers-by on the busy Hosur Road were in for a surprise on Thursday when students offered them roses! The roses were part of the unique "Give A Rose, Get A Smile" campaign of  Lisaa School of Design and Creo Valley School of Film and Television.   Over the last few years, research has demonstrated that roses increase the levels of positive energy and moods; reduce the likelihood of stress-related depression, and help people feel secure, relaxed, optimistic, and happy. Students across the globe have successfully tried and tested and this campaign and hence the Lisaa and Creo Valley School students introduced this campaign in Bengaluru on Thursday. Overall, the response has been one of surprise, lots of smiles, open hearts, joy – and a deep connection.   Speaking on the occasion, Lisaa School of Design co-founder and director Avi Keswani said, "In the era of gizmos, we may feel more connected than ever. In fact, we feel that people are just a text or a tweet away but we are forgetting the fact that we may reach for our phones when we really should be throwing our arms around loved ones. Sometimes it takes more than an emoji to cheer us up. As humans are social creatures, so we don't just enjoy social interactions and relationships, we need them personally. So our campaign-'Give a Rose and Get A smile' was aimed at it."   So what did students learn from the day of performing random acts of kindness? "I think the number one rule is to be genuine and spontaneous. Don't get put off of the idea if someone reacts rudely or indifferently. Do a little every day, even if it's just holding open a door. But do think twice about smiling at strangers," said a student.   Lisaa School of Design co-founder and director Girish Keswani said Thursday's programme of practicing ‘random acts of kindness’ was based on simple things like opening a door for someone else, picking up change that someone dropped on the street, and dozens of other things that take seconds or minutes to do absolutely have a positive effect on both the giver and receiver – as well as our cosmic consciousness.