Japan's 1st 'naked restaurant' won't let obese diners in


Submitted by alvin on Mon, 2016-06-13 17:25 London: Sad news for those who are overweight, elderly and tattooed as you won't be able to enjoy a naked dining experience. Japan's first ever naked restaurant is set to open soon and the "Adam and Eve-style banquet" is making it clear that the diners need to meet some strict criteria on appearance, the Independent reported. According to a report from the AFP via CTV News, the aforementioned Japanese restaurant is called "The Amrita" and it is scheduled to open on July 29 in Tokyo. Japanese diners have already shown they are keen with tickets, ranging in price from 90 pounds for a meal to 520 pounds for food and dance show, sold out for several nights including the opening one. Rules on the restaurant's website state: "We ask anyone more than 15 kg above the average weight for their height to refrain from making a reservation." "In London they allow overweight patrons in and some guests complained they had a terrible experience," Amrita spokeswoman Miki Komatsu told AFP, adding "If fat people are allowed in it could be miserable for some guests. Guests can see the guidelines clearly on our homepage. We are aiming for a sort of Roman aesthetic, like the beautiful paintings you see in museums." At the restaurant, it will be highly forbidden to touch people and tattooed patrons will not be allowed entry. Diners must also leave their phones at the door to abstain from conversations with others. The age limit is 18 to 60. Unlike other nudist restaurants in London or Melbourne, diners at Amrita will be issued light garments made of paper to cover their intimate areas. (ANI)