"I would have met Nirbhaya's fate". Girl tells her ordeal in BMTC bus

"I would have met Nirbhaya

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 2017-01-13 20:24 Bengaluru: A girl was allegedly molested by a BMTC driver and conductor on Route no 500 C. Narrating her ordeal on Facebook, the victim stated that she would have met Nirbhaya's fate, if she had not jumped out of the moving bus, to protect herself from the molesters. According to the victim, she boarded the 500 C bus around 8.10 pm near Ragigudda Stop. She took a ticket for Uttarahalli. Luckily, she found a seat. Soon, the bus stopped at Banashankari depot and majority of the women in the bus got down. A girl who was sitting next to her had to get down at Kadirenahalli petrol bunk stop. "I saw the conductor misbehaving with her. In the guise of giving change, he tried to touch her," stated the victim. She alighted at her stop. "I turned back to check if there were any women in the bus and I found at least 10. Relieved, I put on my earphones. Later, I realised that there were no women, except me in the bus. I feared for my safety and decided to collect the change and get down. I asked the conductor for the change. Instead of giving me the change, he demanded a love letter from me." She went on to say that without losing her temper, she calmly asked for the change. The conductor continued to misbheave with her. "Unable to take it, I screamed at the driver to stop the bus. A few men who were in the bus rushed to me. By this time, the conductor thrusted Rs 6 change in my hands and tried to squeeze my hand. Horrified, I jumped from the bus," said the victim in her Facebook post. "Fortunately, a traffic police stopped the bus and I ran to him and explained my ordeal. He noted down the bus number and complained to Subrahmanyapura police station." They have now arrested the driver Raju and conductor Chandrakanth from RR Nagar depot. Police have regostered case and are investigating.​ Image courtesy: Public TV