Jilted woman sets fire to lover's genitals, kills him

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-12-08 20:53 Bengaluru: A 21-year-old paramedic student has been arrested by Cottonpet police for setting her boyfriend afire after sedating him in a lodge. The arrested Shruthi took this extreme step as Manzoor, the deceased, refuse to marry her.  According to the police, Shruti, a resident of Mysuru, lived in a PG in Jalahalli. She became friends with Manzoor, a native of Kerala and a tea vendor at railway station. They grew close and were in a relationship. A few months back, Shruti became pregnant and she pleaded with Manzoor to marry her. But he refused and forced her to have an abortion. Even after that, they continued to be together but Manzoor was not ready for the marriage. Frustrated over this, she asked Manzoor to meet her at a lodge near Shantala on November 28. He agreed.  Shruthi Manzoor   Later, she purchased petrol and sleeping pills. She sedated Manzoor with soft drinks and later set him afire. Soon, she came out of the lodge in a state of panic. She had also consumed sleeping pills. Police rushed her to the hospital.  She initially told police that both of them had attempted suicide. However, later Shruthi spilled the beans during interrogation.  Shruthi was working in a private pathological laboratory near Lalbagh. “She confessed that she killed her boyfriend as he was not willing to marry her," the police added. Cottonpet police have registered a case and Shruthi has been handed over to judicial custody.