Ugandan woman pushed from 3rd floor of her house for resisting sex work

Submitted by alvin on Mon, 2016-07-04 17:07 Bengaluru: A 22-year-old woman from Uganda sustained multiple fractures after she was pushed from the second floor of a building by her friends during a drunken brawl in Kothanur on Saturday night. Fouzia Fathima, who had come to the city on a tourist visa, was staying with her friends in a rented house for the past one year. The police said she was drunk and had a fight with her roommates from Uganda and their male friend from Nigeria over some issue, following which the trio pushed Fouzia from the portico of the second floor. Fouzia, who was admitted to a private hospital with multiple injuries, claimed that her friends were trying to force her into prostitution against her wishes. On Saturday, they had a heated argument over this issue following which the trio attacked her, she said. The Kothanur police have taken up the case.