Finally, good riddance, Prakash Javadekar!

Finally, good riddance,  Prakash Javadekar!

Submitted by alvin on Mon, 2016-06-20 09:48 It is good tidings that the Narendra Modi-led government has envisaged to remove Prakash Javadekar as the minister for environment, forest and climate change. By all records, Javadekar has been most destructive forest minister we ever had. He has been a bane to our forests and wildlife, recklessly clearing development projects in the heart of our tiger reserves. He was trigger happy to give the go ahead to cull Nilgais, wild boars, peacocks and elephants. Even our national bird was a vermin in his wisdom! Wish he had an iota of it! How could a government which venerates the cow set out professional hunters to shoot down vulnerable nilgais? The blue bull is sacred, isn’t it? Killing man-eating tigers and leopards is acceptable. But why murder NIlgais which merely foray in farmlands in search of fodder? If our forests weren’t denuded and fragmented, Nilgais wouldn’t have ventured out of naturals habitats to browse on agricultural produce. Considering the haste in which the NDA government has been clearing hydel, mining and infrastructure projects in core forest areas, soon elephants and tigers could move into towns. Such wild wanderings aren’t uncommon. It has taken Modi two years to comprehend that the NDA government made a grave mistake in giving such an important and critical portfolio to Javadekar. It is surprising that our learned PM, who selectively feels the pulse of the people, allowed a junior minister to run amok in our fragile forests for so long. Thank God good counsel has finally prevailed over our learned PM. Now that the crony capitalists have recovered their electoral investments, let’s pray that Modi appoints a sensible forest minister. Not another Javadekar please. Author: Joseph Hoover is a veteran cricket writer, environmentalist and a wildlife activist. He has had an illustrious career as a journalist with leading publications and is feared as well as revered for his hard hitting and upright writings.