When Taylor Swift turned 'Batman' for Dave Grohl

Submitted by Kumuda on Fri, 2016-06-24 14:58 Melbourne: Dave Grohl recently revealed a story about how Taylor Swift turned 'Batman' for him and saved him from embarrassment in front of Sir Paul McCartney. During a recent acoustic set, the 'Foo Fighters' front-man explained to the crowd what happened when he was partying with a room full of famous people at the ' Beatles' legend's house, reports News.com.au. The 47-year-old musician went on explaining, "There was a piano in the room and Paul gets up and starts playing a song ... It's blowing everyone's f***ing mind. And then he finishes the song and everybody looks at me and says, 'Go on Dave, play a song'." Now problem arised when Grohl did not find a single right-handed guitar in the room (because Paul McCartney's left-handed), as he can't play a piano. That is when Swift came to his rescue and sat on the piano to play Grohl's song 'Best of You. "I look at my wife and I'm like, I know this f***ing song. And she (Swift) was f***ing playing our song, Best of You. As if I weren't high enough, that f***ing blew me into outer space ... I just lost my mind," he said. This is the reason why Grohl described the 'Bad Blood' singer as "Batman" as she was there to save the day exactly when he needed help. (ANI)