Elvis Presley's guitar fetches `high notes` at auction

Elvis Presley

Submitted by alvin on Mon, 2016-05-23 12:31 Karachi: There is of course a strong reason to envy that unknown person, who now ownsElvis Presley's guitar that was presented by his father in 1969. Recently, the guitar underwent the hammer for 334,000 dollars in New York during an auction, reports the Tribune. The ' Blue Christmas' singer's dad, Vernon Presley is said to have changed the finish of the Gibson Dove acoustic guitar to ebony after his son earned his black belt in karate. During a 1975 concert in Asheville, North Carolina, Presley gave the guitar to a fan called Mike Harris, who had kept it until now. Meanwhile, a red neoprene vinyl jacket created by Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush for Michael Jackson to wear during the 1996-1997 History world tour fetched 256,000 dollars. (ANI)