‘Shuddhi’, bold, intense and clean

The film is about three girls and their fight to stop gender bias and violence

Bengaluru: Over the last six months films like ‘Kahi’, ‘Niruttara’ have been making their way to the theatres with the definite intent to cater to a middle class multiplex audiences on a regular basis. 

These multiplex audiences are not particular about having a big and a famous star cast but definitely prefer a film which is stronger in terms of a storyline. 

Shuddhi, is another venture to cater to this space of film making. This film is about three girls (Karlyn, Jyothi  Divya) who are determined to stop gender bias and the violence of rape by methods that are both fair and foul.

While Jyothi and Divya working as journalists want to build awareness through their writing and street plays. 
Karyln an American; believes that revenge is the best form of redemption of honor and has a divine right to seek justice. Drawing inspiration from Durga, she is not averse to killing if there is a need to do so. How do their paths cross? Do they help each other?     

A criminal who has brutally assaulted a lady in an ATM is found dead. Is there a connection to these incidents? 
This in a nutshell, is the storyline of the cinema!

It is a pleasure to see a film having female protagonists towering over the story line instead of the typical patronizing alpha male hero. Yes the film is indeed made for the multiplexes, but still the intent to push the envelope in terms of the choice of the story is welcome.      

This is the director’s second venture in to a full length film and the first to find its way to theatres and it is important to acknowledge, the calculated risk taken to make the cinema by both the producer and the director.

The film maker has ended quite a few sequences very delicately and extremely realistically for which he has 
to be complimented. The rape scene in particular, deserves a mention for the sensibility the director has   portrayed. 

Shuddhi also has its casting department worked very well to find a bunch of relatively unknown actors who add their, own style to the film which has added a lot distinct of nuances to the film.  

The performances most of the lead actors are way above average. Karyln (Lauren Spartano) plays her role in a much understated manner.  

She underlines the determination of the character by a minimalist acting style relying on gestures and dialogue delivery.

The film has done very well in terms of its sound designing outdoor recording and the background music albeit that some tune get a little repetitive and over whelming.

Since the film has borrowed a lot from real life incidents that gained a lot of attention in social media over the last few years starting from the Nirbhaya Episode and the assault of a lady in an ATM as its back ground, the style of execution of the film could be more realistic.

However the film has large dollops of a typical characters a super cop who is incorruptible and a good for nothing rich dad’s son.
The largest problem of the film to my mind was in the way the script seems to have been written. One could get the sense the writing was trying to cover a lot of complex things like rape, juvenile justice and hence there is an inconsistent treatment on various themes and quite a few repetitions. 

One of the flaws of the film is the intent of the director to use excessive use of statistics which mars the pace of the film and obstructs the emotional buildup of the tale in several places. Tighter editing could have helped build climax and an ending.    

But the film transitions, from one time line to another with a lot of rapidity leaves the audience confused. This perhaps is the result of a ‘loose’ script at the writing stage. Were there any conflicts in the director’s and the writer’s mind on how the film must flow? Did that spill over on to the editors table as well? Because some parts of the film where the police are searching for the killer seems tighter and execution sounds a lot crisper than other places.

In an effort to ensure that there is a comprehensive conclusion to the film, the director has compromised the impact of the film resulting in a fairly longest film with a lot of twist and turns. 

Overall, Shuddhi is a clean act for the film is good in terms of its making and its intention.

Director: Adarsh H Eshwarappa

Cast: Niveditha, Lauren Spartano, Amrutha Karagada and others.



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