'Mission sharing knowledge' renamed as 'Wordkraft'

Submitted by alvin on Wed, 2016-06-29 16:55 New Delhi: Wordkraft, amultilingual user generated content magazine, has announced that the name of the 'Mission Sharing Knowledge' has officially changed to Wordkraft. Wordkraft, an open editorial platform for aspiring writers, has 1500 odd authors regularly contributing on various topics. The organization recently has undertaken extensive rebranding efforts and the change of name is the result of it. A new logo and marketing message has also been created which is now part of Wordkraft's corporate identity. Founder of Wordkraft, Rohit Sakunia, said the objective of the content hub was to introduce an open platform for all writers "When we started this initiative in 2014, the objective of this content hub was to introduce an open platform for all writers and to make a platform powerful enough to aid discoverability to all forms of content from all kinds of authors in all languages. Now, the new platform now will enable user moderation, community commenting and much more," he said. He said Wordkraft had now emerged as a major platform across the nation, adding that they have been receiving lots of content in regional language as well "Overall there is a semi-overhaul of what we were doing then and now. We are only getting bigger and technologically smarter with these changes. There will be more advancement in technology alongside more community partnerships for distribution of good content. With a clean and clear UI this new platform should definitely inspire more authors to come online and craft their words," he added. (ANI)