SL Bhyrappa, scholar spar over a word at book launch function

Submitted by alvin on Tue, 2016-06-07 18:23 Mysuru: Scholars have to be careful while interpreting the etymology of words as similar sounding words take different meanings in different contexts, said Kannada writer SL Bhyrappa. Bhyrappa was speaking at function where three research works - ‘Vivaksha’, ‘Virajpet Talukina Sthalanamagalu’ and ‘Jeevantha Paleyulikegalu’ - authored by Kannada scholar Dr Lalitha K P (Rashmi Nanjappa) were launched. “All place names in India are correlated to epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha which explore the geographical boundary of ancient India,” he said and asked researchers to be extend their sweep as wide as possible. “Otherwise, it would be considered injustice against history,” he cautioned. The remarks came in reaction to Dr Lalitha’s claim in her book that Kushalnagar, a city in Kodagu district, owes its name to Hyder Ali who named it so on the occasion of the birth of his son Tipu Sultan. “Kush means happy and allah means God. Later, the name morphed into Kushala and eventually Kushalanagar,” she said. Bhyrappa countered it by saying that while ‘kush’ meant ‘happy’, the same word in ‘Hindu Kush’, which was given by Persian, meant kill or destroy. “It seems to mean destroy the Hindu, which means destroy the region of Sindhu river. In the same contest, the meaning of the word ‘kush’ in Kushalnagar should be investigated to find out whether it is a positive connotation or negative,” said Bhyrappa.