World Malaria Day: Tips to prevent malaria

World Malaria Day: Tips to prevent malaria

Malaria is a infectious disease caused by infected female anopheles mosquito. When these mosquito bites human beings, the parasite enters the body and affects the red blood cells.

These malaria causing mosquitoes are commonly found in stagnant water and puddles in an unhygenic environment.
It is generally the people with low immunity level who are among the worst affected by malaria. The symptoms of malaria include high fever and headache.

So on this World Malaria Day, we have listed few quick and easy tips to prevent malaria.

1. Wear long sleeve clothes - Make it a point to cover yourself properly, to prevent mosquito bites. Hence it is important to wear full sleeve clothes.

2. Precautions while travelling - If you are travelling, especially to malaria affected regions, then make it a point to take up precautionary measures and all first aid medications.

3. Using mosquito repellent - Make it a point to spray mosquito repellents around the house especially during evening and at night. This helps in keeping the mosquitoes away.

4. Use bed-net - It is always better to use a bed net while sleeping, especially if you feel that there are mosquitoes around.

5. Early medical intervention - If you have fever for long or have symptoms of malaria then make it a point to get it checked with a doctor at the earliest.

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