World Asthma Day: A few effective steps to prevent asthma

World Asthma Day: A few effective steps to prevent asthma

Bengaluru: With increasing vehicular and other forms of air pollution, doctors around the country have been witnessing an increasing number of asthma cases.

Asthma, generally termed as a breathing difficulty, is caused due to the inflammation or rather tightening of the airways in the lungs. This condition can be caused due to several reasons.

Pollution, dust mites and a number of allergens are among the major triggers for asthma. There are certain asthma cases that are hereditary or causes due to certain medications too.

One of the worst facts about asthma is that there is no total cure for the ailment. The only way out is to prevent them. Few of the major symptoms of asthma includes severe breathing difficulty, in few cases it is accompanied by cough, wheezing and the face starts turning pale and sweaty.

Getting it diagnosed at an early stage and taking necessary treatment helps to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Here are few of the effective steps to prevent asthma.
1. Stay away from dust.
2. Keep aloof from air pollution.
3. Light exercise on a daily basis helps.
4. Keep yourself away from pets.
5. Boost your immunity level.
6. Quit smoking immediately.
7. Reduce stress.
8. Maintain a healthy weight.
9. Consult a doctor in case of a severe asthma attack.

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