Receiving memento from the one and only super cop

Receiving memento from the one and only super cop

During the 1970's, right under the present day Richmond Flyover there was a circle called 'Richmond Circle'. The volume of traffic on the roads meeting at the circle was not that heavy compared to the present standards. But still the super cop Mr. B.N.Garudachar, IPS, who was the Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City, asked the Head of the Traffic Training Institute, Bangalore to conduct a survey of traffic at some of the important circles in Bangalore and come out with suggestions to mitigate the problems.

A couple of teams of police officers were formed amongst the trainees for conducting this study.

I was undergoing training at the Traffic Training Institute on the 13th floor of the Utility Building. It was in the year 1977. The task of surveying the traffic movement at 'Richmond Circle' fell on me. I was assisted by an Assistant Sub Inspector.

After studying the density of traffic movement at different hours of the day, I submitted a neat spiral bounded report. Among other issues I pointed out as to how the intense glare of the rising and setting sun could also be a contributory factor, by dazzling the motorists in some accidents resulting in deaths and suggested suitable remedy for it.

My report was adjudged as the best and I received a memento from the legendary super cop.

The author is a retired police officer.