MK Ganapathy case: Surprising CBI hasn't added additional sections

MK Ganapathy case: Surprising CBI hasnt added additional sections

On Sept 5, 2017, Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel and Umesh Lalit of the Supreme Court of India directed that the investigation in M.K.Ganapathy case be handed over to CBI. The SC has asked that the CBI may as far as possible complete the investigation within three months. The court gave an option to the CBI either to continue the earlier investigation or conduct the investigation afresh.
Based on this order of the SC, the CBI Chennai Branch registered a case in RC.02(S)2017/CBI/SCB/Chennai on 14-10-2017 showing minister KJ George and two IPS officers Pranov Mohanty and AM Prasad.
The CBI FIR was signed yesterday and sent to the Principle Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC Court Madikeri.
G Kalaimani, Addl SP, CBI, Chennai, will be investigating this sensational case. The case is registered under the same sections of law under which the case was earlier registered in Madikeri i.e U/s 306, 34 Indian Penal Code. There is absolutely nothing new.
I was under the impression that additional sections of law would have been added for investigation in view of media reports that a lot of data, photos, emails, which were found on the personal PC, phone and pen drive of Ganapathy, have been erased.
The SC in its order observed that the Director General of Police, Karnataka, had ordered a CID investigation on Aug 3, 2016. The CID submitted 'B' report on Sept 17, 2016, even before waiting for the FSL report, which was sent to the court on April 17, 2017, almost 6 months after 'B' report.
Firstly, the CID investigation was conducted unusually in a very hurried manner, and the 'B' Report was submitted without waiting for the arrival of the FSL report. This doesn't happen during any regular police investigations.
The above conduct during the CID investigation has perhaps created some doubts in the minds of the SC judges, and that's why they ordered a CBI investigation in this case, though it said in one of the paragraphs that "CBI investigation are not to be ordered just for asking".
It may take some time for us to know the results of CBI investigation. But one thing is true, "A mountain of suspicion cannot make a grain of evidence."
We have seen this in the Aarushi murder case conducted by the CBI just recently.

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