An unusual punishment

An unusual punishment

When I failed in PUC, dad was so angry that he stopped me from going to college. "No more college studies for you, I am putting you into an art school, it is the punishment," he said.

The art course was for four long years. Though the punishment was long and harsh, I learnt the art of carving in the sandal wood and could sustain on my own.

I was trained into become a master craftsman by the All India Handicrafts Board. I was given a stipend of Rs. 100 in those days by the board.

That was almost equal to my dad's salary.

The art school was at Kumta, a small coastal town in Karwar district. The art piece 'Lakshmi' standing on the lotus was carved by me.

Can you identify me in the picture?

Dad put me back to academics on the intervention of some friends of mine after four years.

(The author is retired police officer)