For Bengaluru's Horamaavu lake, BBMP itself is the enemy!

For Bengalurus Horamaavu lake, BBMP itself is the enemy!

Bengaluru: Time and again, the issue of debris and garbage being dumped in Bengaluru lakes is resurfacing. But this time the victim is Horamaavu lake. And the villain: BBMP.

For, residents living near the lake are regularly cleaning it. But the BBMP is dumping debris and garbage in the premises of Horamaavu lake.

The lake, spread over 42 acres, is close to Banaswadi. It originally had covered the area of 57 acres. But now it is shrinking due to encroachments.

The residents from surrounding areas like Rammurthy Nagar, Banaswadi, and a few MNCs located near the lake have made it a habit to come and clean it on weekends from last three years. But now they feel disappointed by the way the public representatives and officials are
handling it.

The incident happened last month when a BBMP truck bearing registration number KA-53-2117 was caught by local residents while dumping debris while another tractor bearing registration number KA-11M-266 sped away. Though BBMP and the local corporator are aware
of this situation, surprisingly, the illegal dumping is still on.

Horamavu resident and 'Enough is Enough' group member Anuprita Rajesh said that nothing had been done to stop illegal dumping.

"Last month, I caught one BBMP tractor red-handed while dumping the debris in the lake premises. I had complained it to the BBMP officials, corporator and tweeted the same with photographs to BBMP commissioner Manjunath Prasad. He retweeted saying actions will be taken against it but nothing has happened till now.

"The broken tiles, bricks, toilet commodes and other debris are ending up in the lake every day and no one is bothered to protect it. Only civic activists and local residents are involved in cleaning the lake," she added.

Venkatesh, husband of corporator Radhamma said that he is aware of the situation and has demanded Rs 10 crores from the BBMP to develop and fence the lake.

"Immediately after the complaint, the drivers were warned and told not to dump any debris. The lake if fenced, these incidents will not happen again. This year, Rs 6 crore has been allotted to de-silt and fence it. Additional funds have been sought to make a walking track and also a park," he said.

George Varghese, trustee, Horamavu Parisara Abhivrudhi Sangha, who is engaged in Horamavu lake conservation, said the debris is usually dumped during night. "Weekends are spent on cleaning garbage and clearing of weeds from the lake, but there has been illegal dumping of waste and debris that happens mostly during night. The lake originally measured 57 acres and now it is only 42 acres. This is because there is encroachment surrounding the lake," he said.

BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad who initially said BBMP trucks are not used to carry debris was cornered with photo evidences and his own retweet to the residents. He later assured action and said, "We will investigate and also impose penalty as dumping of any waste and debris is an offence. We have imposed a penalty of Rs 5 lakh on contractor for dumping debris near Bellandur and Varthur and we would do the same to the contractors who dumped debris at Horamavu lake," he said.

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