We, the pee-ple: A stinking mess called Dhanvantri Road

We, the pee-ple: A stinking mess called Dhanvantri Road

Bengaluru: Dhanvanthri Road near Anand Rao Circle in the city is not the fainthearted. At any given time of the day, one can spot rows of men shamelessly relieving themselves. And the people who bear the brunt of this ugly sight are the students and staff of the Government College of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeography (Ayush).

A swarm of flies and the nauseating smell of urine greet the visitor to the college. Right opposite the Dhanvanthri Road, next to Majestic Bus station, stands a badly maintained public toilet. No one here seems to have heard about "Swachh Bharat".

Ranganath, a security guard at the college, said he was fed-up of warning people not to urinate near the college. "My duty is to check who comes and goes. But in addition to this, I have to tell people not to urinate near this compound wall. Many people do not listen and start arguing with us," he said.

Sudha, a parent of a student, said it was embarrassing to approach the college. "My daughter is studying Unani Medicine here. It is embarrassing for us to see people urinating. We have to cover our face and nose because of the bad smell," she said.

Dr Sridhar, Principal, Government Ayurveda College, termed the place an "absolute mess". "Some car drivers and bus drivers park their cars and bus near our college and relieve themselves. Parking is not allowed here. The public toilet right opposite the college is in bad condition. Apart from drivers, even passersby come and defecate here," he said.

He said the college was planning to install solar lamps and sirens to warn the public.

Latha Kuvar Rathod, BBMP Corporator, Ward No 94, Gandhinagar, said she was aware of the situation. "I know that open defecation takes place. We are yet to get approval to build new public toilets," she said but disconnected the call when asked about the timeframe for building the toilets.