MIT engineer receives patent for invention

MIT engineer receives patent for inventionRaghunath Manohar of Manipal Institute of Technology

Manipal: Raghunath Manohar of Manipal Institute of Technology has received a patent for his invention, "A Multi-lens System which is a microscope and a component of a telescope". Manohar had applied for the patent at the Indian patent office in 2009. Earlier, he had received a US patent for "Marking Gauge".

Giving details about the invention, Manohar, who works as a deputy engineer (lab), Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing, MIT, said his invention had certain advantages over existing microscopes and telescopes.

"It has a wider field of view about 3 times of existing ones. It can be used as a compound microscope of 80 X while some existing ones in addition to giving inverted image give 10 x magnification only when used as a simple microscope. This can be made using locally available lenses and PVC pipes. The colour-free image is obtained due to achromatism of the equivalent lenses which is the characteristic of the optical system," he said.