80-yr-old father assaulted by sons over property dispute

Bagalkot: In a shocking incident, an 80-year-old man was brutally attacked and injured by his own sons over a property dispute.
The incident was reported from Ningapura village, Badami taluk, Bagalkot district.
According to reports, the victim, Shekappa Managuli owned 7 acres of land, which he was unwilling to divide it among his two sons, Kanakappa and Yelappa. The two sons would constantly implore their father to divide the property but Shekappa had told them that he would not do so till his death.
Angered with their father's decision, Kanakappa and Yelappa allegedly assaulted their father with stones. A severely injured Shekappa was rushed to the local hospital.
As news spread about the assault, the local police arrested Kanakappa and Yelappa.

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