CM Siddaramaiah to inaugurate 'Karnataka NRI Forum – UAE'

CM Siddaramaiah to inaugurate Karnataka NRI Forum – UAE

Dubai: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will inaugurate the Karnataka NRI Forum, UAE (under the aegis of NRI Forum) on Friday at the Indian Consulate, Dubai.

UT Khader, Minister for Food Supplies, Dr. Arathi Krishna, Deputy Chairman of NRI Forum, Karnataka, will be travelling with the CM. Consul General of India Vipul will be the Guest of Honour along with Padmashree Dr. BR Shetty, who is the Honorary President of the Forum.

Leaders of various Karnataka-based organisations in the UAE and from Bahrain, Oman, Qatar have been cordially invited to attend the function.


The Karnataka NRI Forum UAE is a new branch of the NRI Forum, Govt. of Karnataka, and is being chaired by Siddaramaiah while Kannadiga Praveen Kumar Shetty is the working president of the Forum in UAE. Under the leadership of Praveen Shetty, several meetings were held in Dubai to form an executive board with many distinguished Kannadigas. Sarvothama Shetty, Jospeh Mathias, Dr. Kaup Mohamed and Harish Sherigar are the vice-presidents of the forum while the rest are executive board members. The Karnataka NRI Forum UAE is inspired by the activities of NORKA, a NRI Cell for Keralites, and will carry on their duties likewise.


The main aim of the forum is to assist NRIs of Karnataka residing in the UAE.

The following are some of the activities enlisted for initiation for the development of the NRI Kannadigas based in the UAE:

1. To prepare a comprehensive database of all NRIs from Karnataka residing in the UAE and submit to the Government of Karnataka.
2. To identify concerns and problems faced by NRIs in UAE with the government and provide protection as well as providing aids whenever required.
3. To provide protection and necessary assistance to those NRI members family back home in Karnataka.
4. To assist those Kannadigas who untimely lose their job in the UAE and wish to relocate back in their home town envisaging their basic needs on humanitarian grounds.
5. To enable children of NRIs simplify the entrance procedure for higher studies in Karnataka and see that all conditions are simplified to get admissions in colleges/universities back home.
6. To request Government of Karnataka to allow children of NRIs in UAE to appear for common entrance tests for their university seats in the UAE itself.
7. To assist the NRIs at the time of opening up new ventures in Karnataka in getting easy loans with flexible installments and affordable interest rates.
8. To simplify the process of getting PAN CARD, ID CARDS, RATION CARDS etc., for NRIs within their brief visit to their home town.
9. To arrange insurance protection to all Kannadiga NRIs residing in UAE through Government of Karnataka.
10. To assist all Kannadiga NRIs in availing the benefits of the State Government in a simplified manner legally.
11. To assist investors in promoting industries in Karnataka as a part of the development projects
12. To assist NRIs in promoting Information Technology management and research and disseminate knowledge and skills for the development of the Karnataka.
13. Any other matters which may be considered from time to time according to the needs.

All the NRI Kannadigas residing in the UAE are cordially invited to be part of Karnataka NRI Forum UAE by registering their names with the Karnataka NRI Forum UAE.

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