Al Sitara hosts grand iftar in Abu Dhabi

Al Sitara hosts grand iftar in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: Kannadiga NRI businessman and philanthropist Mohammed Akram, who owns the Al Sitara Gulf Contractors & General Maintenance Company, hosted a grand iftar get-together at Ibrahim restaurant, Abu Dhabi, recently for Kannadigas.

The event was well-attended with distinguished guests from the Karnataka NRI community.

Mohammed Akram is known for his social service and being associated with NRI Kannadiga events. Welcoming the gathering, Akram said, "Fasting is observed by different religions in different ways. Fasting purifies a human physically and mentally and instills spiritual values in his mind. Today, we live in a society which is rife with evil. Vulgarity, fornication, immorality and filthy acts are widespread. Fasting can eradicated these evils and transform man completely."

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Later, guests had a sumptuous iftar. Mohammed Sufiyan, Mohammed Saad, Mohammed Sabih, Tahir Hussain, Altaf Ms, Irfan, Imran, Ahmed Hussain, Abdul Raheem, Saleem Shaikh, Muneer Shaikh, Ajmal, khamaruddin, Rasheed, Lateef, Ahmed Pervez and Kamil and other dignitaries were present during the meet.

Al Sitara office staff, engineering team, PRO Mohammed Majdi and family made the event a memorable one.

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