Sway to the tide with sensibility!

Sway to the tide with sensibility!

It is an old story – Politics is a dirty game. The hunger for power corrupts and maddens the most sensible. The question however is, are we on the verge to lose our senses too? India can in a way be called the land of the naive – she gives away everything only to be left cheated by her own people. A little bit of media coverage with a good dose of spirituality and philosophy of the famous speeches can move one to tears as into rallies.

Is it sensible to go for hero worship at this age when history is an adduce to what our past heroes have left our nation as? Do we know all the laws that our Constitution empowers us with? Do we know of those tens of provisions already present for safeguarding our rights? Do we know everything? How do we know what we do not know?

The choices are open to us – to be or not to be! Why dowry? Why female infanticide? Why religious fanaticism? Why corrupted education system? Yes, even Anna Hazare said: Young people are seen with cigarettes, gutka, alcohol, drugs. Where is our future going if our youth is like this?

I completely agree, but I also wonder how many among all those rallying actually have given up all these habits in the name of their hero. Does it mean there were no people who raised their voice against such wrongs? I do not completely deny the political motives of many in the guise of revolt. Hypocrisy can be lethal when others become our spines! Live the day to day life like a normal citizen with the day to day problems and raise your voice against the wrong to some good effect, the objective is better fulfilled that way rather than creating groups in civil societies to discriminate, dictate and deviate.

All that noise is not needed as much as the knowledge of what is happening and where exactly we can play the better role. Let us live up to some ideas rather than following the crowd blindly. If we support, let us support the cause, let us not behave like rustic illiterates. If the other party is wrong, fight like a man of character not like one with no principles having fun for the heck of it.

Change yourself for the better and initiate from yourself… if each one of us does that, India is not too far from the goal! If one disrespects another it's obvious there lies in him no self-respect.

Courtesy: Brinda Das (brinda622.wordpress.com)